Race report: Artful Dodger 2011

Welp, this past weekend was the Artful Dodger 5K in St. Clair. I went back home to run it and get another race under my belt for the summer. My goal going in (as with the last race) was to be under 20 mins, but I ended up with 20:16. So, faster than my previous race but still not where I wanted to be. For the record my splits were about 6:24, 6:44, 7:08 and I finished 15th overall (14 male, 1 female – results here) and 6th in my age group. Meh.

The 4th of July will be the Firecracker 5K here in Ann Arbor, I’m REALLY hoping I can finally go sub 20.

Race Report: Dexter-Ann Arbor 5K

Well, last weekend was the race I talked about in my last post. There were way more people there than I thought there would be.

Parking ended up being a nightmare so I didn’t have time to warm up before the race. This meant I took the first mile easier than I wanted to minimize injury risk and ran the next two at a hard pace instead of at full race pace. The first was still possibly my fastest mile because there was a bunch of down hill running. The next two miles I ran with a steady pace (I think, I don’t have splits). I ended up running 20:45; so, slightly slower than I wanted to but something I can be pleased with with the small amount of training I’ve been doing. Overall, I loved the course. It had the right mix of hills and flat running, I’ll definitely be doing this one again – but maybe a longer distance next year? We shall see.

I took this past week pretty easy, only a few hard runs and nothing over 4 miles. Monday I’m looking at starting the PPM program up again; which was something I haven’t done since high school. I’m going to start at 30 miles a week and see how that goes, maybe I’ll move up to 40 after this week but more than likely I’ll stick with 30 for a few more just to be safe. I really don’t want any more injuries.