How to tie your shoes…

Earlier this week I was getting a lot of pain in the top of my foot when I was running from what felt like the shoe laces digging into my foot. I don’t believe that I’ve been tying my shoes differently but I was unable to adjust my shoe in any way to stop the pain. I’ve tied my shoes the same way for as long as I’ve been running and never had an issue.

I decided to try tying my shoes like a ‘normal’ shoe – without the top corners laced – over the past few runs and things seem to be better. I find it really interesting that this could make such a difference and it’s something I’ll definitely keep an eye on.

These Nike shoes (same shoe, different pair) have given me more problems than any shoe before. I’ll definitely be going back to good o’l Asics for the next pair.

Race Report: Super 5K

So. Last weekend I ran the Super 5k. This was my first race since October and after only really running for about a month at ~30 miles/week. Between then and now I was only running a day or two a week for 3-4 miles – not very much.

Needless to say, this was a pretty rough race for me because I was so out of shape. Anyhow, I finished in 21:44 which I guess I’ll take for being so out of shape. The course wasn’t bad; it was an out and back and had a slight hill before the turn around. The finish was not straight which is not ideal but I wasn’t exactly going all that fast…

Now a quick update on training: Since New Years I’ve been running with a few groups which I’m hoping keeps me motivated to keep running the rest of the week. This has been going well so far. I’ve also tentatively begun some speed workouts. Most recently some mile repeats at around 6:45 pace. This was actually incredible difficult for me which is extremely frustrating for me since I know that in the past I’ve cranked out long runs at that pace.

That brings me to my running goals for this year:

  • Get fast again
  • Run a marathon
  • Run a sub-17 5k – this one doesn’t have to be this year but I want to make good progress at getting to that level again.

I’ve been getting some good base mileage in the past month or so and should probably come up with a more thought out training plan for at least into late Spring.