Open Run Log

Since getting some extra time over winter break I was able to dig up a project from earlier this year. I’ve posted a few previews of my progress on Twitter over the past few days – but today I’m ready to open up the site for others to test and use.

Open Run Log is a website that I built to use as a training log. I’ve built in some auto-generated graphs and have ideas for other things in the future like goal setting and tracking, public profile pages and sharing, custom graphs, or other fun things. It is at a point where I felt comfortable switching to it for tracking my runs and so today I imported my old training log into the site so that I didn’t lose that data. It is only going to improve from here on out and I’m very excited by the possibilities! (Yes, I’m a data nerd when it comes to my running log.)



So why not use one of the many other run tracking websites? Because I didn’t want to miss the chance to mix my two passions (running and coding). Also I was excited about all the different ways in which I could analyze run data in the future so having control over the code and data was important to me – and I wanted to give that freedom to others as well which is why I made the source code available. I think that projects like WordPress and ThinkUp provide great software and have a great model of making both the software and code available to anyone interested and I wanted to do the same.

If you give it a try, be sure to let me know what you think!


2012 Race Review

I wanted to take some time to reflect on my year of racing, it was prompted by me finding the data for this tweet:

(and, yes, pun partially intended)

This is mostly going to focus on late Summer through Fall since that’s when I was the most dedicated and began to start reaching for goals I’ve had for a long time. Who doesn’t love data?

First, let’s look at those 18 races: Color=PR

Date            Race                                                 Time              Pace
1/5/2012     Super 5k                                           21:44:00       7:00:38
2/29/2012   Leap Year 4 Miler                             26:51:00       6:42:45
3/11/2012   Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5k         20:20:00       6:33:32
3/24/2012   Passion for life 5k                             20:54:00       6:44:30
4/14/2012   Martian 10k                                      42:53:00       6:55:00
5/26/2012   Bayshore 10k                                   42:06:00       6:47:25
8/11/2012   Run Thru Hell 10 miler                     1:15:20         7:32
8/26/2012   Run For the Corn 5k                        19:28:00       6:16:46
9/16/2012   Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo 5k       18:18:00       5:54:11
9/22/2012   Michigan Fall Classic 5k                  18:54:00       6:05:48
9/29/2012   Sean Earl Lakefront Invitational 8k  31:05:00       6:15:15
10/6/2012   Run Scream Run 5k                        17:57:00       5:47:25
10/14/2012 MSU Spartan Grand Classic 5k      18:47:00      6:03:32
10/27/2012 headless horseman 5k                    17:19:00      5:35:09
11/10/2012 A2 Turkey Trot 5k                            18:23:00      5:55:48
11/13/2012 Wayne lightfest 8k                           30:15:00      6:05:11
11/22/2012 Detroit Turkey Trot 10k                    37:34:00      6:03:32
12/1/2012   Holiday Hustle 5k                            17:12:00      5:32:54

That last PR is the one I’m most proud of both because it has been a goal to improve my 5k since high school and because it compares most favorably against my other PRs. (It’s my “best” race)

Additionally, I ran a number of new race distances this year. I ran my first 4 mile race – but was just getting back in shape then and that distance is not too common. I ran my first three 10k races (and improved on each one – arriving at a PR I’m pleased with for the time being). I also ran my first two 8k races, one of them being during cross country season with MRun. Lastly, I ran a 10 miler. That race, of all of these races, was by far the most difficult. I clearly was not prepared for a longer distance race at the time and the soreness I had for days afterwards reminded me of that.

I only really got back into training at (what I would consider) a high level in the end of August. Noting that, I can be nothing but pleased with what I was able to accomplish this year. Additionally, it makes me extremely excited for what I can accomplish with a full year of quality training during this coming year.

Now comes the part where I set goals for next year. I have 3 main goals and an additional set of milestones that I think will happen if I’m able to accomplish my goals.


  1.  Race my first half marathon. Time goal: ideally sub 1:20, will be happy with sub 1:25
  2. Finally run a sub-17 minute 5k
  3. See what running a 100 mile week feels like

Other things I think are achievable on my way to meeting these goals:

  • Sub-36 minute 10k
  • Run over 3000 miles in a year – I think even close to 4000 is possible
  • (maybe) Complete a marathon

The goal that will make me happiest is the sub-17 5k but I think that the combination of all of these things are possible on my way there. I feel that I am finally improving as a runner again, picking up were I left off 4 years ago. I want to see how far I can take this.

Holiday Hustle 5k: Race Report

Yesterday I ran the Holiday Hustle in Dexter.

I’m just going to say that i think the mile markers were placed a bit off but am pretty certain the course was still 3.1 based on a few different measurements. Given that, I think that my mile splits were something like this: 5:35 or maybe a little faster, 5:45ish, 5:30. I wish I knew exactly what they were.

This course was deceptively hilly and tough. There were lots of rolling hills and there was a pretty long hill right before mile 2 that was very rough. I’ll admit that for a little while around that 2 mile marker I was thinking that this PR wasn’t going to happen. I just kept telling myself to stick with the people near me and not let them get to far. To just to hang on. It Worked.

I finished at 17:12 which is 5 seconds faster than my previous best set 4 years ago! I have been working so hard this Fall to achieve that goal and all of the hard work and many many miles have finally paid off. It may not be a sub-17 which was my other goal but I now know I’m well on my way there.

Full results here.

I’m now done racing hard for the rest of this year. I plan on taking about a week off entirely after this morning’s long run. After that I’ll start training again for indoor and outdoor track with MRun this winter and spring. I also signed up for the Bayshore Half-Marathon yesterday morning (it sold out in less than 2 hours)! This will be my first half and the longest race I’ve ever done. The distance doesn’t scare me too much because I’ve done 12-14 mile long runs regularly but racing the distance is a whole other deal. I’ve got time to train for that thankfully.

I’m 3/3 in PRs in my last three races and that’s awesome! I’m finally faster than high school me from four years ago!

Detroit Turkey Trot 10k: Race Report

Last Thursday on Thanksgiving I raced a 10k at the Detroit Turkey Trot. This was a big day for me because it was my first 10k encounter since Bayshore in the summer. I knew I had a chance for a major PR because I am in much better shape now that I was then.

Going into the race, my goal was to hit 6 minute pace for as long as possible and then just see if I could go faster for the last mile or so. It turns out most of that worked out. I missed all of the mile markers until mile 5 so for most of the race I had no idea how fast I was going but was just focusing on keeping things fast but smooth and not pushing too hard. After the 1st mile or so where I had moved up though the pack I found a group doing about my pace and just sort of tucked in. I crossed the 5 mile mark at 29:55 and was extremely happy to see that everything was going according to plan.

The last 1.2 was a bit rough it turns out but I still finished in 37:34 which is a huge PR of almost four and a half minutes! Awesome.

Then it was time to go chow down on some delicious Thanksgiving day food. The Turkey Trot was a great start to the day though, even if I did have to wake up at 4:30am.

Lightfest 8k: halfway race report

Back in mid-November I did the Lightfest 8k. This wasn’t *really* a race since it wasn’t timed and also the course was longer than 8k, which I’ll get to in a second. Additionally, we had trouble finding the right place to park so we were late to the start and didn’t warm up.

Despite all that I decided to run fastish and see what I could do. The first 4 miles were Between 6:05 and 6:20 but I missed most of the mile markers so I don’t know exactly what they were. I was okay with this – I just enjoyed the course (it was fantastic to see the light displays) and also kind of had fun weaving through people playing catchup to the runners.

My last mile (yes, full mile. In an 8k.) was 5:10. It turned out that after 4 miles I was warmed up and realized that if I ran fast I could PR my 8k despite all the setbacks I mentioned above. It turns out the course passed the 8k mark, had a 5 mile mark, and then finished just past there. Based on extrapolation for 5mile->8k time I put myself at 30:15 which is a 50 second PR in my 8k! Win!