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Since getting some extra time over winter break I was able to dig up a project from earlier this year. I’ve posted a few previews of my progress on Twitter over the past few days – but today I’m ready to open up the site for others to test and use.

Open Run Log┬áis a website that I built to use as a training log. I’ve built in some auto-generated graphs and have ideas for other things in the future like goal setting and tracking, public profile pages and sharing, custom graphs, or other fun things. It is at a point where I felt comfortable switching to it for tracking my runs and so today I imported my old training log into the site so that I didn’t lose that data. It is only going to improve from here on out and I’m very excited by the possibilities! (Yes, I’m a data nerd when it comes to my running log.)



So why not use one of the many other run tracking websites? Because I didn’t want to miss the chance to mix my two passions (running and coding). Also I was excited about all the different ways in which I could analyze run data in the future so having control over the code and data was important to me – and I wanted to give that freedom to others as well which is why I made the source code available. I think that projects like WordPress and ThinkUp provide great software and have a great model of making both the software and code available to anyone interested and I wanted to do the same.

If you give it a try, be sure to let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Open Run Log”

  1. I love this. I don’t think many people really get the creativity that coders possess. It is probably similar to the fact that I tell people I wish I was an artist. I mean I wish I could paint but they always come back with the fact that I am an artist. I paint with words. Anyway, coding is like that. It gives you the creative side in such a productive way. Love love love that you did this.

    1. Hey thanks for the note! I know exactly what you mean – I have this picture in my head for what I want my training log to be and I get to make it happen.

      I’ve been meaning to do another post on Open Run Log because I’ve improved a lot of it since the last time I posted.

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