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Open Run Log

Since getting some extra time over winter break I was able to dig up a project from earlier this year. I’ve posted a few previews of my progress on Twitter over the past few days – but today I’m ready to open up the site for others to test and use.

Open Run Log is a website that I built to use as a training log. I’ve built in some auto-generated graphs and have ideas for other things in the future like goal setting and tracking, public profile pages and sharing, custom graphs, or other fun things. It is at a point where I felt comfortable switching to it for tracking my runs and so today I imported my old training log into the site so that I didn’t lose that data. It is only going to improve from here on out and I’m very excited by the possibilities! (Yes, I’m a data nerd when it comes to my running log.)



So why not use one of the many other run tracking websites? Because I didn’t want to miss the chance to mix my two passions (running and coding). Also I was excited about all the different ways in which I could analyze run data in the future so having control over the code and data was important to me – and I wanted to give that freedom to others as well which is why I made the source code available. I think that projects like WordPress and ThinkUp provide great software and have a great model of making both the software and code available to anyone interested and I wanted to do the same.

If you give it a try, be sure to let me know what you think!


Announcing coursegrab: SHIPIT

In recent posts I’ve hinted at a new project and I’m ready to show off the first version:

coursegrab screenshotCoursegrab is a little project that I’ve been wanting to build for a while now. The idea is simple: My university doesn’t provide waitlists for all classes so that students can automatically be enrolled in a class when space opens up which means students are always checking the website for class status.

This service will send a text message when a class you want opens up. No more checking whether you can get into that class you want to take!

Reminder: Backup Your Stuff!

My hosting company had to fully reset my web server this week due to a breach on their side. Thankfully, I had this blog fully backed up thanks to the wonderful PressBackup plugin, but it was annoying to have to set everything else back up again – and I may have lost some other minor stuff.

It just serves as a good reminder to backup your data regularly!


I’d like to build something using only Redis for persistence. Its new scripting interface seems really cool. I have ideas, just need to get out of this busy project/exam filled time… maybe Thanksgiving break will give me enough time.

UMich Students: Stay tuned.

Draw With Me video demo

Alex has made a demo video of Draw With Me to give a preview of where we are at with it. We’re in the process of tidying up some last minute bugs before we submit to the App Store’s approval process. Hopefully we can announce its availability soon! For now, take a look: