Sencha Tea

This week when I was at Sweetwaters (a common occurrence), I tried some Sencha tea as it was their tea of the day. I liked it. I looked up more information about it and apparently the taste varies based on the temperature of water used to steep it which is really amazing to me.

P.S. I’ve been really busy with school but I have some running related posts from my adventures this summer queued up to go out soon!

Project Lul

Freedom! I finally have some time where I don’t have to work on class projects for a little bit. This is fantastic because I’ve been pretty stressed under the project load lately – this means more time for running, work, and side projects!


I’d like to build something using only Redis for persistence. Its new scripting interface seems really cool. I have ideas, just need to get out of this busy project/exam filled time… maybe Thanksgiving break will give me enough time.

UMich Students: Stay tuned.